2016 Citizen of the Year Nomination

Guidelines for Nomination

On June 16th, 2016, the Chickasaw Chamber of Commerce will recognize another citizen of Chickasaw as the Citizen of the Year. This person should have contributed to the development and/or improvement of Chickasaw and/or assisted in the betterment of the life of others in the city.

Who can nominate a person for “Citizen of the Year”?

  • Any Church
  • Any Individual
  • Any Organization

Qualifications for “Citizen of the Year”

  • Must have lived in Chickasaw for the past two years
  • Must be 21 years or older and be of good moral character
  • Must have contributed to the development or improvement of Chickasaw and/or assisted in the betterment of the lives here.

Qualifications may include individual, social, religious, cultural or educational activities, but cannot include job related or income producing activities.

How is someone nominated for “Citizen of the Year”?

  • Nominations packet must include an official entry form (attached)
  • A resume of nominee’s activities that qualify that person for the honor
  • Two letters of recommendation

Please send all required information in a sealed envelope marked “Nomination for 2015 Citizen of the Year”. The envelope must be postmarked by June 3rd, 2016 and/or received by June 6th.

Chickasaw Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 11421
Chickasaw, AL 36671-0421

A luncheon honoring the “Citizen of the Year” will be held Thursday, June 16th, 2015 at 11:45 a.m. in the J.C. Davis Auditorium. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased from any board member. If there are any questions, please call Rachael Stubbs at 452-6450 to be relayed to the committee. Judging will be done by a panel of independent judges which are not affiliated with the city.

download Citizen of the year nomination form